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Proaim Picasso Camera cage Shoulder Support Rig Kit


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Shooting high impact footage needs time & good technology, For that we launched Proaim Picasso Camera cage Shoulder Support Rig Kit that allows you to shoot comfortably for long durations while capturing tremedous shots. This innovative, modular & full customizable rig is adjusted to many cameras and shooting styles. Whether you’re viewing your shot through on camera LCD or through an external monitor, the Picasso Rig can adjust to place the camera either in front of your eyes or over your shoulder.


Picasso Camera cage Shoulder Rig Kit
This innovative, modular & full customizable kit is adjusted to many cameras and shooting styles.The Picasso Rig can adjust to place the camera either in front of your eyes or over your shoulder.

MB-20 Swing Away wide angle Matte Box
Masterfully engineered Matte Box MB-20 with full swing away feature and french flag enables the user to get cinematic effects. It is completely adjustable and can be altered according to the requirement.

HS-1000 15mm Follow Focus
HS-1000 follow focus allowing you to smoothly and accurately pull focus with cinema and DSLR lenses equipped with gear rings. Integrated Hard stops will let you set start/end points on DSLR lenses for quick focus racking between two focus points.


Custom Designed Protective Cage
This Robust Cage adds multiple hand grip options and keeps your set up protected from damage. The two built in shoe mount and multiple mounting holes adds possibility of mounting accessories like mics and external monitors.

Picasso Camera Cage Shoulder Rig


Top Handle
The top handle on it allows to get a low-to-the-ground shot or to carry your rig around set.

 Picasso Camera Cage Shoulder Rig


Uniquely Designed Quick Release
Mounting your camera to this rig is easy. This newly designed quick release allows quick mounting and dismounting of camera thereby saving your production time.

Picasso Camera Cage Shoulder Rig


Adjustable Height
This Durable cage elevates the camera to a suitable height for the use of accessories such as a follow focus or matte box.

Picasso Camera Cage Shoulder Rig


Finger Goorved High Grade Molded Hand-Grips
The custom molded hand grips are like no other. Using the best thermoplastic rubber, the grips repel sweat and let you carry your rig confidently. They are also adjustable and can mount directly to the baseplate if you want a more compact setup.

Picasso Camera Cage Shoulder Rig


Precisely Designed, Quickly Positionable
It’s designed to move to fit your shooting style. The stainless steel ARRI standard rosettes on every joint are made to articulate to fit your body and camera setup perfectly while providing complete access to all ports & controls.


Front Handles
Front Handles for a stable hold on the rig. The handles can also be adjusted according to your requirement.


Ergonomic Shoulder Rest
The ultra-soft rubber pad distributes the weight of your setup equally to your body which lets you film longer and in comfort that lasts all day.

Picasso Camera Cage Shoulder Rig


Easy & Comfortable Operation
Operating a camera for long without a rig is very difficult; our rig makes it easy & comfortable to shoot for long durations.

Picasso Camera Cage Shoulder Rig


Tripod Mounting Option
It matches to numerous tripods for all time stable shots.

Picasso Camera Cage Shoulder Rig

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

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Picasso Camera Cage Shoulder Rig

- Construction - CNC made aluminum
- Camera Mounting Screw - 1/4"-20
- Tripod Mount -1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16
- Shoulder Mount Weight - 740gm
- Adjustable offset rosette clamp
- Two Adjustable Joints
- Fits most 15mm rod dia

MB-20 Matte Box

- Construction- Sunshade : polyamide Resin
        Flags, Swing away bracket : aluminum
        Knickers : Black Fabric
- Matte box Outer Diameter: 105mm
- Matte box Dimensions: 22.5 x 15.5 x 19.5 cms (l x w x h)
- Aspect Ratio: 16:9
- Height Adjustment: 3cm
- Knickers length: 4inch
- Filter Holders: Two 4x4". One is 180 degree rotatable & other is is static
- Top Flag Dimensions: 19 x 12.5 cms (Folded)
        :38 x 12.5 cms (Open)
- Side Flag Dimensions: 15.5 x 11.7 cms (Folded)
        :22.5 x 11.7 cms (Open)
- Weight of Product (without packing): 1 kg (2.2 lbs)

HS-1000 Follow Focus

- Gear Arm adjustable distance - 5.5 cm
- Fit Rail Distance - 60 mm
- Fit Rail Diameter - 15 mm
- CNC made Aluminium Construction
- Nylon gears and ABS 360 degree Dial Index Adjustment.
- Product Weight - 640 gm/1.408 lb

- Picasso Camera Cage with Top Handle
- Front Handle Set
- 2 x 300mm Female Threaded Rods
- Counter Weight
- Flexible Shoulder Mount
- 2 x 150mm Female Rod
- MB-20 Matte Box
- HS-1000 Follow Focus