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Proaim Heavy Duty 150 mm Tripod Stand with Spreader

SKU: P-CST-150

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Heavy-duty, Reliable, Built-to-Last Tripod Stand - Gets the Job Done with Ease!

Ideal for Indoor/Outdoor Use - Perfect Companion for Photographers / Videographers

Highest Quality Standards - delivers Smooth Workflow for Advanced Video Shooting

Ø150mm Bowl. Payload – 500kg/1100lb. Double Spreader for Extra Stability.

Proaim Tripod Stand with Spreader is a powerful combination which can be used for an extensive range of video and photography applications. High-grade aluminum construction makes it hardwearing and dependable stand which is able to handle payload up to 500Kg/1100lb. Two stage tripod with twin legs structure stays in place so you can capture smooth and clean shots, no matter the environment. It includes Ø150mm Bowl so you can use wide variety of compatible devices and can make your tripod a practical mobile studio. Adjustable middle spreader offers extreme stability making it ideal for all kinds of productions. Proaim stand extends from 2.9ft/35” to 5.5ft/66” – gives more shooting freedom for your photography and videography.


Proaim Tripod Spreader is a universal spreader; it accepts all spiked tip tripods. Spreader gives strong foundation to Tripod and provides maximum stability on flat ground. It allows rapid set-up and keeps tripod legs at an equal or pre-set distance relative to each other. The hinged construction enables the spreader to fold with the tripod for ease of transportation.

This powerful set of Proaim 150mm Tripod Stand & Spreader is a perfect travel companion and an ideal choice for capturing impeccable shots.

Supportive Accessories are For Demonstration Purpose Only

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- Construction: Commercial-grade Aluminum
- Tripod Levers: Pressure Die Cast Aluminum
- Maximum Height: 5.5ft / 66”
- Minimum Height: 2.9ft / 35”
- Collapsible Height: 39.5” / 100cm
- Load Capacity with Max. Height: 150kg / 330lb
- Load Capacity with Min. Height: 500kg / 1100lb
- Outer Tube Diameter: 25mm
- Product Weight (without packing): 11.28kg / 24.86lb


- Construction: Commercial-grade Aluminum
- Compatibility: All Tripods with Twin Spiked Feet
- Load Capacity: 500kg / 1100lb
- Build-up Diameter: 90-140cm / 35-55”
- Maximum Height: 50mm / 2”
- Product Weight (without packing): 2.38kg / 5.24lb

- Proaim Heavy-Duty 150mm Tripod Stand
- Tripod Spreader