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Proaim Flite Pan Tilt Head

for weighing upto 3kg/6.6lb

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Camera cranes can offer visuals usually found in cinema and broadcast & bring productions to a higher level by using a pan-tilt head with them. Proaim’s latest fast robotic head, aptly called the Flite Pan Tilt Head, is a robust, compact, lightweight unit specifically designed for silent, high-speed movements. The Proaim Flite 2-Axis Pan Tilt Head offers continuous 360° rotation on both the horizontal and vertical axis; and is perfect for capturing smooth fluid shots.

The camera platform is adjustable to support a variety of small to mid-sized cameras, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras like the Sony a7s or GH4, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera or Production Camera 4K; making it perfect for stadium applications, live events, corporate shows, or any other environment that requires fast, noiseless operation with high-resolution footage. Control the gimbal head remotely with the intuitive joystick controller, which allows you to easily tilt, pan and control rotation speed. It is easy to set up and simple to use.

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High-Performance Technology!

The mechanically-engineered pan-tilt head is constructed from high-grade aluminum and can productively last a lifetime.

video pan head motor

Dual Adjustment

The Horizontal and Vertical Adjustments of the camera platform supports in proper balancing and adjustment of the camera setup.

lightweight and solid aluminum pan tilt

Unrestricted Movements

Capture 360° of movement with this versatile, motorized gimbal. The 16ft / 4meter long operating cable makes it easy to use from a distance.

motorized pan tilt head

Payload Capacity

The pan-tilt head has two coreless high torque DC motors that provide inaudible movements. It is designed to support cameras up to 18" in length up to 3kg/6.6lb in weight.

crane pan tilt head

Quick Connectivity

The camera platform features a quick release plate with a 1/4"-20 screw and enables in quick mounting & dismounting of the camera. The marking points on the plate assist in easy balancing.

 video pan head motor

Minimum Wear And Tear

The high-strength brass gears are engineered to withstand long hours of function and have minimum wear and tear.

 tripod motorized head

Joystick Controller
The pan & tilt movements are controlled by 12V joystick controller. The user-friendly controller is very easy to operate. It has Speed, Dead Spot & Damping controls and separate Direction Indicators for Pan and Tilt functions. You can turn off the Controller to prevent accidents.

remote pan tilt head

Dead Spot
Dead Spot controls the sensitivity of the joystick on the pan tilt head. When turned on, there will be no motion on the pan tilt up to the particular area on the joystick which prevents the unwanted movements and gives you better control.

Speed Controller
Adjusts the speed of pan & tilt based on the requirement of the shot.

Damping Control
Damping control prevents the head from stopping with a jerk enabling you to achieve smooth endings.

Pan tilt Direction
You can reverse the panning & tilting direction as & when required.

Diversity in Usage

Now you can maximise the use of your remote head! The compact design allows it to mount on tripods, jib arms or even on sliders with 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 threads.

crane motorized head

Hard Carrying Case with Custom-Fit packing to provide safe storage.

motorized pan tilt head

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose.


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- Size: 15 x 18 x 5cm
- Product Weight (without packing) : 3.2 kg / 7.04 lb
- Max Load: 3kg/ 6.6lb
- Pan Movement: 360 degrees
- Tilt Movement: 360 degrees
- Fastest speed (pan/tilt): 7 rotations/min
- Slowest speed (pan/tilt): 1 rotation/min
- Remote cable length: 20ft (6m)
- AC adapter input: AC 100-240V
- Output: DC 12V-2A

- Proaim Flite Pan Tilt Head
- Quick release plate
- Joystick controller
- 12 volt AC Adapter
- 16 feet (4 meter) Remote cable
- Universal Adapter
- Carrying Case with Custom-Fit Packing