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Proaim Drive Dual Wireless Follow Focus


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Proaim brings to you it's exclusive Dual Wireless Follow Focus that provides a wireless lens control system. The two Cine-style Side Knobs with fluid drag mechanism assists the camera operators in adjusting the Focus and Zoom/Iris of the camera remotely, and both can function simultaneously. It comes with two Motors that will interface with your device and makes it possible for you to both focus & zoom your shots. The Dual Wireless Follow Focus is compatible with 15mm rod support and can be used with DSLR rigs, Sliders, Steadycam kits, Cranes / Jibs / Dolly, Flowline / Easy Rigs, etc. The high torque motors and fast reaction speed knob allow keeping your subject in focus no matter how it moves. The Precise controller features four memory buttons to record different focusing points that can repeatedly be used and also can be randomly switched and combined willingly. This cinema grade lens control will expand the capabilities of your production. .

dslr dual follow focus

Now Remotely control your lens's focus with our
Proaim Dual Wireless Follow Focus.

Note: Two styles of infrared transmitter are available, Nikon and Canon.
Kindly leave a note while placing your order.

camera slider


Wireless monitor focus, iris and zoom

-  Constructed with rugged aluminium extrusion.
-  Choice of 7 frequency bands using colour coded TX / RX system.
-  New side pointers for operating the Focus knob and Zoom/Iris knob.
-  4 Memory presets.
-  Cine-style focus & zoom wheels.
-  Powered via single 9V battery for around 10 hours operation.
-  Supports direct power through 12V battery adapter.


The Memory Buttons 1,2,3,4 allows to record the focus on four items manually. In next shooting, you just need to press the memory and it will automatically adjust to the focus you settled last time with manual adjustment again.

wireless follow focus for slider


In the ground, the remote control features transmission range up to 180m in an outdoor area without any wall blocking and up to 100m in a walled indoor area. The device functions on a wireless radio frequency, without the interference of ordinary frequency range and is completely harmless to humans.

wireless follow focus with focusing and zoom for jib


Wireless follow focus for steadycam stabilizer

-  Data light indicates strong connection signal with TX unit.
-  Frequency select light indicates a frequency match with TX unit by color.
-  Powered via 9 volt chargeable battery and direct through 12 volt adapter.
-  2 Mini 3 XLR cable connectors for motor connection Label both M1 & M2.
-  Rugged aluminum enclosure.
-  Mounted on the same side as camera’s remote control sensor for better reception of signals.

Note: Two styles of infrared transmitter are available, i.e. Nikon and Canon. By default, we ship the infrared transmitter for Canon. If you want the transmitter for Nikon, kindly leave a note while placing your order.

Wireless Follow Focus is being used by videomakers worldwide.

Connecting Manual follow focus with cranes, sliders, shoulder rigs & Steadycam leads to shaky results.

dual motor with focusing and zoom or iris controller

But with our Wireless Follow Focus… No worries at all!

Produces Smooth Professional Results when matched with : Crane, Slider,
Shoulder rig & steadycam.

Servo motor puts just ±0.02° of accuracy in your hands so that turning the remote is just like turning the lens itself.

controller and receiver function

Accessories included to use the kit on any set

Quick Locking Button
While using follow focus, fix the lower side of locking button onto 15mm rods connected.
Two locking buttons are there for receptor & driving motor.

Wireless monitor

Gear Ring
The follow focus ring is to connect the drive gear with shooting device , relize the synchronous running.

Replay speed follow focus

Rechargeable Battery with Charger
The included long-lasting single cell battery can power the Focus throughout a shoot, and can be swapped in seconds if it runs out and can be charged with provided charger.

Memory presets follow focus

Precisely designed wireless follow focus for today’s advanced video makers.

Drive wireless follow focus

The supportive accessories are for Demonstration purpose.

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Drive Dual (ACT-53)
-Motor - 1 to set 4 Point for Focus
-Motor - 2 for zoom

Input Supply
-Transmitter - 9v Battery
-Receiver 350m A
-Also, Drive from 12v

Rated Current
-Transmitter - 134m A
-Receiver 455m A

Power Consumption
-Transmitter - 1.2 watts
-Receiver - 4.1 watts
-Direction cannot be reversed
-Infrared sensor (Canon and Nikon) for DSLR only
-For Motor connection, we use - Mini 3XLR
-Power in Direct DC Socket for 12v supply
-Support all lens expect cinema lenses
-HAVE 7 Frequency Bands
-Frequency Bandwidth -0433 MHz
-Compatible with CP2/CT2 lenses
-Range - 180 meters (Open area)
-Covered - 100 meter

-  Controller
-  Receptor
-  1 x Quick lock Buttons
-  2 x Servo motor
-  6 x Drive gear
-  2 x Follow focus gear ring
-  2 x battery
-  Battery charger
-  Screw driver
-  Hard case