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Proaim Brick External Battery


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To make the long hours shooting easier, Proaim launched its new ultra-light Proaim Brick External Battery for Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Blackmagic Pocket Camera. It does not affect the mobility of the camera or obscure the viewfinder when mounted below the camera on camera rails and can be used without the rail mount as well. It can also be mounted in front of the camera or on top of the camera on top rails. The Battery cells are mounted in CNC machined aluminium housings to protect the battery from accidental disconnects. A power switch and a bright red LED indicator light prevents unnecessary camera unplugs from the battery to kill the power. The integrated rail block distributes the battery weight with 2 locking making the battery secure.

Proaim Brick


Proaim Brick

Proaim Brick

-  Extremly Lightweight.
-  Includes Power Cable for Blackmagic Pocket Camera.
-  Comes with Switch Protector.
-  15mm Integrated Rail Block
-  Lasts Over 5 Hours
-  Charges In 3 Hours.
-  Expected Battery Life Is Over 1000 Charge Cycles.
-  100% PROTECTED - Protection circuit board prevents discharge in excess of 4 amps.
-  Brick Power Is Built To Last.

Press the button to know whether the battery is fully charged or not. Turning all blue will depict that the battery is fully charged. The blue lights will remain on for a little while. Accordingly, the number of blue lights will be an indication that how much battery is charged.

Proaim Brick

The blue light will be on when you will start the battery by pulling the lever up, While charging the battery, the light will turn red and when it will be fully charged, the same light will turn green.

Proaim Brick


Proaim Brick

CAPACITY HAS BEEN INCREASED TO 4 AMP HOURS AND 47 WATT HOURS! BRIK POWER - 12 Volts LITHIUM ION POLYMER Battery Power for Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Pocket Camera, and 4K version.

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  Blackmagic Cinema Camera Blackmagic Pocket Camera
 Capacity 4 Amp Hours / 47 watt hours 4 Amp Hours / 47 watt hours
 Brik Power 12 Volts 12 Volts
 Charging Time 4.3 hrs 4.3 hrs
 Battery Type Lithium ion polymer Battery Power Lithium ion polymer Battery Power
 Construction Solid CNC Machined Aluminium Housing Solid CNC Machined Aluminium Housing
Blackmagic Cinema Camera Blackmagic Pocket Camera
PROAIM Brick Battery PROAIM Brick Battery
Power Cord Power Cord
Charger Charger

Power supply great value!!! Its been in use for 2 years 24/7 powering a bank of my camera without a failure, and still going......
By Mr. Sumit, Haryana

Proaim Brick
This has worked great for my camera for about a year now, no complaints and really cleans up the wiring. Has worked with a variety of cameras.
By Mr. Any, Himachal Pradesh

Proaim Brick
Excellent!!!! A nice power supply for the price Works very well and is nicely constructed. A nice power supply for the price.
By Mr. Vikram, Karnataka

Proaim Brick
Works as expected. Did not feel the plugs to be loose. They fitted snugly into the socket of my bmpcc.
By Mr. Inder, Orissa

Proaim Brick Worked like a charm. A simple product, sure, just a cord but it works fabulously as advertised and allowed me to power my camera for a very lengthy period of time which was exactly what I needed it to do.
By Mr. Gaurav, Punjab

Proaim Brick