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Proaim BMP60 R Pro Long Blimp Microphone Windscreen


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Say good-bye to unwanted noise and shock vibrations after using Proaim Microphone Blimp! Whether you are shooting a wedding or world news or an outdoor event, you need a professional audio. Microphone Blimp which is essentially a hollow cage with an acoustic cover creates a volume of still air that surrounds the microphone. An elastic microphone suspension system further isolates the mic from the cage. Refinements to our BMP60 R Blimp Microphone Windscreen make it ideal for outdoor use for Audio Recordings, ENG, Film and Video productions.

Microphone suspension System


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Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements


- Longer Blimp suitable for today's specialized mics
- Entire Mic Zeppelin and microphone suspension system disassembles
- 12 shock absorbers/3 support rings in microphone suspension
- Easy to set up - easier to use
- Best when used for outdoor applications

60cm R Blimp

Microphone Blimps, or Mic Zeppelin as they are sometimes called, are windscreens that surround microphones with the purpose of reducing wind noise when recording audio at outdoor locations. The Blimp attaches to any standard boom pole with the 3/8"-16 thread at the base.

Audio Recording Accessories

Fur Cover

The fur cover also serves the purpose of further minimising the noise.

Mic Accessories

Shock Absorbing Mic Mount

The blimp has shock absorbing mounts which prevent any vibration from reaching the mic.

Zeppelin Microphone Blimp

Guranteed better quality audios


AKG- C568EB,CK8+C451 or C460,CK68 or CK69ULS+C460B(reduced,full or demountable)CK98+SE300B
Audio-Technica - AT835b or ST, AT4071a, AT815ST, AT877, AT4073, AT897, AT8035
Beyer- MC716, MC726, MC736, MC836, MCE86(N), MCE87
Neumann - KMR81, KMR82 Sanken: CS-3, CSS5, CMS9
Sanken - CS-1
Sennheiser - K6 + ME66 or ME67, K3U + ME80, MKH60, MKH70, MKH416, MKH418
Sony - ECM670, ECM672, ECM999
Rody NTG -2


Windshield Protection System

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

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-  ABS constructed Pistol Grip handle with XLR cable connection
-  Blimp Windscreen extension of 20cm provided (40cm-60cm)
-  Accommodates Mics up to 24mm in diameter and up to 58cm in length
-  40cm synthetic fur cover for additional audio control
-  15mm & 25mm 6 pc mic holders

-  60cm Blimp Windscreen with Microphone Suspension and Handle.
-  Bonus 6 pc. Boom Pole Adapter Set
-  FREE 60cm & 40cm Synthetic Fur Covers
-  6pc Mic Holders

...Great. Excellent in every way!! I'm very satisfied for everything.
By Mr. Avtar, Punjab

...Extremely satisfied and happy after using Long Blimp...good going..good luck folks....
By Mr. John, Banglore

I am very pleased with the product, It is easy to set up and easier to use.
By Mr. Naveen, Delhi

...I received the Blimp in good condition.. and I am very pleased with It. Thanx again and i'll order again soon...
By Mr. Anderson, Belgium

...Fabulous product!! It has ABS constructed Pistol Grip handle with XLR cable connection.
By Mr. Manish, Goa