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Amaze your viewers with smooth and stable shots!
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A portable solution for mobile photographers, journalists, sporters and travelers who are already using their cameras for telling visual stories and sharing them with the world.!

Versatile and incredible tool offers stability and control that lets you capture the creative shots with a subtle eco of perfection.

Go pro handle

  • Provides additional support for the camera
  • Great accessory for every GoPro user
  • Large molded handle makes working more ergonomic and stable
  • Dual setup to shoot same time differently
  • Articulating setup to capture creative angles easily
  • Pairs with any tripod making your camera unstoppable for photo and video
  • Quality Assurance Guarantee

  • Go pro handle
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    FLYFILMS Handle Kit (FF-HK) is an ergonomic grip designed to provide a secure comfortable grip for your go pro. It consists of a few parts that can be combined in several ways to create new and useful methods that the kit can be utilized. On each threaded pivot arm, there is a 1/4-20 thread to possibly add a friction arm, a LED light, or a microphone. It makes you configure your setup in any way you want.

    camera handle kit
    Revitalize every occasion of merriments

    camera handle kit
    Set up in minutes to offer you a professional photo studio


    FLYFILMS Handles comes with beautiful shape which are easy to hold while shooting. It makes comfortable and easy to take different shots.
    camera handle kit

    camera handle kit I-PHONE ADAPTER

    FLYFILMS i-phone adapter is an essential item to allow the attachment of an iPhone or other mobile phones to a range of Lenses stabiliser products. Adjustable holder with dimensions of between 46-60mm height. Standard screw mount 1/4" connection to base.

    camera handle kit
    Now you record yourself and make sure you’re in frame

    go pro handle kit
    Use your phone as monitor to control camera

    go pro handle kit
    Enables freedom of movement with a firm grip

    go pro handle kit
    Sturdy articulating arm for multi-angle viewing

    go pro handle kit
    Smooth secure movement combined with stable positioning allows you the control
    and speed you need to get the job done

    go pro handle kit
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    Exclusive of Camera & i-Phone

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  • 1/4” standard camera screw hole on its base
  • Camera Hand grip length - 122mm
  • Made of rigid plastic
  • Colour - Black
  • Benefits


  • Large Grip Handle
  • Articulating Arms
  • Use a i-phone as your personal monitor
  • Mean time dual setup
  • ¼ Tripod Mounting Slot
  • Designed for Comfort and Durability
  • Not a bad price for something so versatile!
  • Included


  • FLYFILMS Handle Kit (FF-HK)
  • Video